– in process – made a blood splatter in 3D (prototype moulding)

July 17, 2006

a few days ago i made a bloody thing to carry out tests and see what’s possible with casting molds. i’ve tried different prototype shapings and mouldings. see here the some images of my prototype. i have to say i was quite surprised with the result (srry about the bad picture quality, they are only cellphone fotos). my bloodstain looks nice on nearly every surface. in fact, i have first concepted the blood splatter for the xbox 360 front, but now it turn’s out as a thing for plain surfaces like my powerbook ;-).

the “bloody splatter” is limited to 200 pieces – now ready for shipping -> READ MORE


blood_splatter_by_peperazzi_010 blood_splatter_by_peperazzi_012 blood_splatter_by_peperazzi_001

xbox_360_blood_splatter_by_peperazzi_001 blood_splatter_by_peperazzi_014 blood_splatter_by_peperazzi_013

the “bloody splatter” -> GET ONE!


7 Responses to “– in process – made a blood splatter in 3D (prototype moulding)”

  1. Pete said

    Pretty cool. Are these for sale?

  2. […] more about the developing process of this piece massivecut is in its infancy and we give our best to offer you quality swiss handmade […]

  3. Idetrorce said

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  4. Jake said

    Dude i want one

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