– xbox360 templates – illustrator xbox 360 case + faceplate template

July 27, 2006

last night i had my first battle with adobe’s illustrator ;) well, after try to draw some xbox 360 templates by hand with pencil, ruler and splines, what in fact i havn’t a way with, i tough about to do the task with illustrator cs2. nice programm and i think it is like as usual: practice makes perfect. as the sun was rises i have finished my templates (this arches are really tricky…it has still some rough edges). maybe you have cool design ideas…? if you wanna clean templates (.pdf/.ai/.png) to scribble your own xbox 360 artworks, you can send me a message.

if you want to do your own scalable vector graphics and you havn’t (500$ in pocket for) illustrator? here is a good open-source solution for osx, win, linux: inkscape.

xbox_360_case_template_01 xbox_360_faceplate_template_01


63 Responses to “– xbox360 templates – illustrator xbox 360 case + faceplate template”

  1. Matt said

    I would like my own template to scribble my own artwork on. thank you

  2. Mike said

    I would really to one too. I am trying to do some concepts right now, on…MS Paint! LOL. I have some good ones, need to get it cleaned with some Vector!

  3. Paul said

    ive done some concepts and i would like the template please

  4. Nick said

    Can I get a template?

  5. Derek said

    Hey there. I am in my 3rd year in gfx design and I would any console templates you have to be able to do my own custom designs. Thank you in advance.

  6. kyle said

    I have a lot of designs, but i can use them. So could you send me a xbox 360 template? And do you have a psp template? If you do, can you please send that, too? Thanks.

  7. Josh said

    Hey, I tried to make my own template but I just couldnt get it right, so i was woundering if you could please send me the templates and any other templates you may have? Thanks

  8. Keith said

    I googled all over the web and could find only one from you. Can you send it over to me, please? Thanks.

  9. Alex said


    can you send me a copy of those templates please.
    been looking everywhere for some, even tried to make my own, did’nt work lol
    so if you could wing a copy my way it would much appreciated


  10. Could you mail me the template for the Xbox 360 in ai or pdf? Kind Regards – Jason Adams

  11. Hi, can you send me a copy of faceplate template and case templates ?
    Bye and thanks
    Ps: preferred formats is jpg or pdf

  12. Rene Santiago said

    I googled and find you on the web. Can you send a copy to me, please? Thanks.

  13. Joep said

    Hi there!

    I would also like a copy of your templates if possible?

  14. greg said

    hi there i have been looking around for templates but your the only one i found so if you could plz send me one that whould be great many thanks

  15. n0brein said


    could you send me a .ai please?

  16. GAMER0451 said

    hey i love the design.. great job. Could you send me the .ai file? I would gladly appreciate it. I’m designing a custom 360 design for http://www.mapMonkeys.com

  17. James said

    This would be cool if you could send me this .ai file :D this is well cool

    Cheers dude

  18. I bookmarked your blog, thanks for sharing this very interesting post

  19. Mason said

    would love to get on the template bandwagon from you- .jpg would be great.

  20. kieran said

    please could i have one i am making some faceplates into microsoft

  21. shila said

    i was wondering if you could give me the faceplate template i see here? i would be eternally grateful, i actually bought a kit to make one and the cd-rom sucks

    thank you so much!

  22. James said

    I have 32 designs and no template… can you forward one to me??

  23. Love your design and as a fellow illustrator I understand what it takes to make a template like that. Very Awesome. I would love to be able to use your ai templates for a couple faceplates I’m working on. Thanks

  24. Andrew - Metalead666 said

    Hey, I Have A Few Design Ideas That I Would Like To Flesh Out On A Template, Could You Send Me One Please.

  25. Fred said

    hey ive been thinking about faceplate design ideas… i was hoping you could send me a copy of your faceplate template…

    thanks in advance!

  26. Bigred1227 said

    yea man i would like a side view of the 360. that would be great! If I come up with any cool ideas Ill def. share the temps with anyone who wants them

  27. ZEROsignal said

    you still handing out these templates ?
    id love to get my hand on them.
    trying to outline the hd dvd addon right now, having a real pain with the ventilation holes, but im getting there.



  28. michael said

    can you please send AI file of the xbox console?
    Thanks in advance

  29. Darren said

    hi, your site is “FREAKIN” AMAZING, i love the molten rock xbox its tha best ive seen so far, could you send me the template of the xbox 360 face plate please, i want to buy a molten stone face plate from you so can you sent me details of that to please, thanks, i will be sending every one the link to this site :D hope to speak soon

  30. Hey,
    awesome templetes (Y)

    please could you send me the faceplate one,


  31. Patas said

    Hi could you send me the ai file template? thanks ;)

  32. Mike said

    Hey I would also like the template as well Thanks

  33. Martin said

    Can could i also get a copy of the template? i would really appreciate it!

  34. mattym said

    Hey, if your still reading this, ive looked over the net the past few days and you seem to be the only person with a decent template for the 360. Could you please send it to me, PDF,AI,EPS all good.

    Thanks in advance

  35. Ryan said

    Cool! I’d lvoe a copy of the illustrator template file. Thanks!

  36. Damien Carolyn said

    Greetings, I Also Would Like a Copy of These Templates, In .PNG, And .PDF, I Would Greatly Appreciate it Thanks Signed Damien

  37. Tony said

    Awesome work! If you are still sending out the templates, please send me a copy. I found 1 on line but it looks like trash. ai and png would be great.


  38. usman said

    i need a copy of the illustrator template file. Thanks!

  39. Phil said

    PLEASE! Email me this template would be really helpful in my casemod endevours they look solid! thanks in advance!

  40. helvyn said

    what a great stuff and effort bro

    i’m new to x360…and i want to costumize mine
    would you send one of your faceplate template to me?
    i would appriciate it a lot bro…thanks :D

  41. James said

    Would it be possible to send me the files so i can design up some skins.

    Many Thanks,


  42. Hi could you send me th e layouts for xbox 360, I have to design covers for a local hospital. many thanks

  43. Yvette said

    I would like to have console and faceplate templates to design my own in illustrator. Thank you.

  44. Warren said

    Really want to do my own design, please could you send me the .ai template.


  45. Jay said

    I would really appreciate this vector. Nice work!


  46. Mark said

    This is great. Can I PLEASE get a copy of these templates? Illustrator for sure and any other formats you have available.

    Thanks a ton!!

  47. Gregg said

    COuld I please have a copy? I love it, would like to make one for mine.

  48. jason said

    do you still have the 360 template available in ai or eps format? i promised my girlfriend i would make her one for valentines day, but ive had problems trying to scan and measure out her console, and cant find any templates online except for yours here, if its still available..

    let me know! you’d be a lifesaver!

    thank you,


  49. GI GING3R said

    If you still have the temps handy, can I score a copy? Thanks!

  50. Can you please send me that template? I wanna make my own Xbox 360 skin and this would really come in handy…


  51. guyh hood said

    I’ve searched everywhere for a ai vector based template for the 360. I have lots of useful equipement at work digital printer and a zund digital cutter. I’d love to make my own skin if anyone has a template for the 360 not a jpeg as I need a vector template to make a cutter profile for the zund please help.

  52. While these are very creative and I am sure good for scratching out rough ideas, it would be important to actually measure out from each side to each side to determine the correct measurements so once completeed one could actually transmit their ideas to the actual dminesions of the faceplate.

    • …of course I am only here looking for just that a template in which to design ideas for the faceplate. I will, after reading a bunch the responses on here make one of my own and return here and post it. Designing the AI file to correct measurements will be time consuming so a charge of 5 dollars will be expected via ebay or craigslist.

  53. Rodney said

    Can you please send me your AI template. Thanks.

  54. William said

    Can you please send me your AI template. Thanks.

  55. Drobek said

    Can you please send me your AI template.

  56. Nadi said

    Could you please send me eps/ai/png template too?
    Thank you in advance!

  57. Jason Gordon said


    Please could you send me the template? do you also have a template for the XBOX Slim?

    Many Thanks

  58. Jason Gordon said


    Please could you send me the template? do you also have a template for the XBOX Slim?

    Please ignore the last email address as its incorrect.

    Many Thanks

  59. Mark Flores said

    Hi can u send me a template also so i can create my own. id be very thankful. if u can get it to me in adobe formate that would be great

  60. Sylvia Noemi said

    Hey there, I was wondering if by any chance you can send me the console template? That would be amazing if you can =)


  61. Could you mail me the template for the Xbox 360 in ai or eps? That would be nice! Thank you!

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    amend your site, how can i subscribe for a blog website?
    The account helped me a acceptable deal. I had been a little bit acquainted of this your broadcast offered bright
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