– retro – classic nintendo entertainment system (my first NES)

July 30, 2006

today on jumble sale i couldn’t resist: i bought me my first NES i ever had, because i never get one when i was a child :( . now i’m a proud owner of a nes system, 4 controller, a 4 player adapter and five games! back at home plug in the cables, search the frequenzy and and put in a cartrige: the 8bit sound boom out of my tv and the srceen show me a nice startup pixelgraphic from 1986. now i have to decide: the legend of zelda, castlevania, double dragon 3, super mario 2 or super mario 3 are the games i’m spoilt for choice. as a eroded rpg gamer i think it will be zelda :) i heard, it has a huge walktrough and 9 dungeons to clean…that is what i was looking for!

here the scans of the five nostalgic cartrige-covers from my game collection and i’m sure there will be more next week ;)

nes_cartrige_cover_02 nes_cartrige_cover_01 nes_cartrige_cover_03 nes_cartrige_cover_04 nes_cartrige_cover_05


2 Responses to “– retro – classic nintendo entertainment system (my first NES)”

  1. JC said

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