– retro – NES pad turn into a MAC optical mouse

August 1, 2006


ok…call me a nerd, but here is the real reason why i have bough a NES :) i didn’t want the whole chest, but the seller wouldn’t give me only the controllers, so i had to take the console too. today i have sacrifice one of the four pads to make me my own NES-mouse and i’m quite successful with my oldschool mouse.

first, i have to say it wasn’t that easy as i thougt. if you wanna do this, be carefully with the optical sensor and the small switching probes inside the mouse (one of mine is broke at the soldering point…) when i have time i will write a detailed tutorial, but maybe you could look here for a first instruction. check my workflow pictures to see how to mod the case and how to solder the push buttons on there right place under the A and B button. for the optical sensor you have to cut a hole in the back of the controller shell and be sure you smash all the useless plasticparts out to have hollow space, because you will need them. at the end it was a dodgy part to adjust the left and right click button. at first i thougt the nes-mouse wouldn’t be ergonomically as the well-formed mac mouse…but after a short acclimatization there is nothing i’m missing (ok, maybe you would miss the weel but in my case it was already broken and i scroll with my touchpad:)
nes_pad_optical_mouse_10 nes_pad_optical_mouse_13 nes_pad_optical_mouse_02 nes_pad_optical_mouse_03 nes_pad_optical_mouse_09 nes_pad_optical_mouse_05nes_pad_optical_mouse_08 nes_pad_optical_mouse_01 nes_pad_optical_mouse_04 nes_pad_optical_mouse_06 nes_pad_optical_mouse_07 nes_pad_optical_mouse_11


6 Responses to “– retro – NES pad turn into a MAC optical mouse”

  1. workflow said

    That is awesome, I am sure if you could get the licencing from nintendo there would be a niche market for such an item.

  2. Tara said

    you have nice hands.

  3. Zieak said

    Nice job! Thanks for the linkback.

  4. Hey great article! Do you mind if gamesplusblog.com uses your image for one of our Boot Camp articles? We’ll definitely mention your name and link.


  5. JR said

    Would you consider selling a NES mouse? I have all the stuff, but keep junking up the circuit board.

    I assume that the MAC mouse would work on a PC. If not, could you mod it to work with a PC?

    Name your (reasonable) price.


  6. […] – retro – NES pad turn into a MAC optical mouse This is very cool.  If you are a modder you might be interested.  Click here. […]

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