– in process – more 360 degree arrows for xbox faceplates

August 9, 2006

xbox_360_arrow_style_faceplate_05 xbox_360_arrow_style_faceplate_06

still in progress, but i think the rough-cut is done…i have to carve the middle part structur more evenly to get the attention on the flow arround the power button. maybe i will lighten the arrows above a bit, they point in every direction and disturb the main flow too much.


this stencil background from the theme “movement” was my inspiration for this kind of faceplate style. i have sprayed it on canvas a few years ago for one of my portfolio’s.


2 Responses to “– in process – more 360 degree arrows for xbox faceplates”

  1. Stefan said

    DAMNN,, I like it very much!! Can you make one for me?? :)

  2. Just curious… I can’t find anything else on this plate. Did it ever get completed and is there a picture? We are preparing to launch a faceplate database next week (June 17, 2008). I’ll have a couple of the Treasure Island plates there, but I”d love to have the completed version of this one too, if there is one. Thanks :)

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