– retro – SEGA aero hawk cardpower toy

August 13, 2006

today i have tidy my room and found a old toy of my childhood. this aero hawk from sega (1988) was one of my favorites…a helicopter with start platform from japan. when pulling the toothed belt it could fly huge distance with a nice buzz noise :) i thought sega does only arcade/video games and i didn’t know they have produced casual toys like this one, but it’s still a fancy thing!

sega_heli_toy_01 sega_heli_toy_03 sega_heli_toy_02


3 Responses to “– retro – SEGA aero hawk cardpower toy”

  1. Jay said

    jumpin jezus on a pogo stick!

    uncanny you posted this. my son was going through my boxes of old stuff and found my 3 sega cardpower toys- mangum and uzi pellet guns and a helicopter.

    to the office desk they go!

  2. peperazzi said

    wish a could take a look to your desk collection i didn’t know anyone who has some of these sega toys (even on google no match…)

    your son is a good treasure hunter :)

  3. Check out my website http://www.pocketpowertoys.com for more info on Sega Pocket Power & Card Power! I was surprised to read Jay’s post saying he had Card Power Magnum & Uzi – the brochure i have for the Japanese series doesn’t list them! Shame his post is 6 years old :P

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