my week at EXG in Redmond, Seattle

October 3, 2006

yesterday i land in seattle and was picked up by a huge limo (no joke..) to visit for a week microsofts entertainment expiriences group in redmond! jep, that’s because i won the xbox360 faceplate contest with my molten stone faceplate (see last post) this trip to the states.

so i dont have to tell you, what these guys do at EXG??? yes, they design all the xbox 360 stuff and a lot more cool things for microsoft like the new zune :) this monday was very cool an exiting, but tomorrow it would be come much more fun! they’ve set me up for a tour on BUNGIE studio!!!! and i also will talk for an hour with J Allard!!!!! (… i even don’t know what to ask him by now :) and a lot more stuff for the rest of the week. updates will come tomorrow…


One Response to “my week at EXG in Redmond, Seattle”

  1. Tan said

    congrats on the win!! you very much deserve it, your designs are awesome, i’d love to see those hit retail shelves! 8)

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