chance to visit BUNGIE and see some cool stuff from Microsofts Game Studio

October 4, 2006

yeah i know… many of you guys out there would given away their last trousers to take a look at BUNGIE studios. so i was there this morning and saw things that i dont can talk about, but i have to say: it’s pretty cool :) and they like kings for microsoft so i better don’t want to mess with them or even more with their laywers ;)

after that, i’ve been too microsoft main campus join some other guys from minneapolis and see shortly Major Nelson for lunch and have a meeting for an hour with Peter Moore

he’s a smart guy and he defenitly knows a lot about business (so he has to, when speculating with millions of bucks ;) a busy man who have the most time travel around the world and announce new xbox360 things. he tells us about how he works with third-party game publishers and developers. we had also a bit of chat about the (maybe messy) launch of sonys ps3 and stuff like that…

after this really interesting talk i saw the core of xbox live and have the chance to check out some unreleased demos of

– Gears of Wars (very bloody…that game definitly rocks!)

– Crackdown (huge world…even bigger than GTA!!!)

– Viva Pinata (sooooo sweet… :)

– and MassEffect (endless spaceworlds and exellent shading)

so what i wanna more! a very interesting day and if you missed some lines about J Allard i’ve announced, well come back on thursday…


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