some stuff for more faceplates

October 12, 2006

the most time here i have snap up all the super sculpey in whole seattle, so don’t try to get that stuff till the artist shops get the next shipment ;) this clay isn’t available in switzerland (in fact it is, but for trice the price!!) and i hope they let me go through the airport customs and don’t take me for a terrorist with a bag full of plastic high explosives! i also found some sculpting tools and some dental tools in a army shop whitch i could grind in good shapes :) so i can’t wait to get back home and start a new design…but this has to wait another week, because i’m only a few hours in zurich and then go straight to belgium.

so this is my last night in seattle and i think i saw the most things that you should have on a sightseeing tour in downtown. i had a map, but i never looked a it and allways walked with no plan in my mind around…i think it was the most fun. an exciting bulding was the libary by Rem Koolhaas: what a huge and spacy thing! i really liked the wide proportions, the colorfull enviroment and there are still discreet places for study. good work!


One Response to “some stuff for more faceplates”

  1. Gavin McFarland said

    Great stuff! I ment to ask you, what clay is it you use exactly for your faceplates? (if you don’t mind me asking that is)

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