At the production site of massivecut – 3D XBOX 360 Faceplate

November 19, 2006

faceplate production

Hi there; it’s 2 in the night and André and Pepe started hours ago
with the production of the caribbiean series. I joined them to give
feedbacks and entertain them during the long night. So what’s this
all about?
Art on game consoles, art on xbox 360. Its about giving the cold skin of
the xbox a new look and feeling. We try to transport the worlds of
our favorit games to the living rooms. So we decided to design and
produce handmade 3D-XBox 360 Faceplates.
All series will be limited to a number of pieces. We start with our
“treasure island” series! All plates are handmade and handpainted
and every one has a unique look. So you like to have a special
artwork for your xbox-case? we’ll post soon the first pictures
of the finished treasure islands…

faceplate production faceplate production

see the finished faceplates now on and get one on etsy


3 Responses to “At the production site of massivecut – 3D XBOX 360 Faceplate”

  1. dean said

    wow i really love the whole look of the faceplates they look awsome really good idea ay. i really like the one

    do you make any more of these ones? if so im really interested in buyin one ay

  2. peperazzi said

    yes, i’ll made a remake and maybe a small serie of this plate. this could be a project for spring next year, so please drop me your mail-address to and i keep you up to date. thx

  3. living rooms should be decorated with style that is why i always get some living room decoration idea on the internet ,,.

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