It’s landed – Check out the new MassiveCut-Website!

February 18, 2007

After almost a year of blogging here, we move to a new wordpress blog on our own server. You can reach the brand new website and our new “customizing 2.0 lab” just a click away. We plan a lot different online-activities so we had to say goodbye to the wonderful service of wordpress as a hosted environment. So we welcomed the world of hacking around in the WP-Source-Code and enjoy now the ability to install all kinds of different plugins. We want mashups and apis to spread over works over the net to your homes! Stay tuned on the technical front…

But we have also something more to announce – ahh its so awesome! Gentlemen cock your pistols and get a trip to a the “Treasure Island“!

Bye bye old blog!

(Question: Does someone know how I can move all the pictures out of this blog and import it to my own instance? )


4 Responses to “It’s landed – Check out the new MassiveCut-Website!”

  1. Sevenupcan said

    Just wanted to say great work on the new faceplates. If I’m right I think I just bought the last Treasure Island Faceplate. I can’t wait for it to be delivered.

    Not too sure how you could import all your pictures from this blog onto your own instance, but I would imagine that the pictures/images are stored someone in your wordpress folder? Anyway good luck with the move, and I look forward to more faceplates!

  2. Sevenupcan said

    Ok, not sure why I had it in my mind it was the last. lol But being the first is even cooler. I look forward to receiving it soon.

  3. sven said

    the website you said is not online
    could you give me the right website.
    i love your work

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