try to collecting here some of my artworks i have made with many different technics




red fist of revolution (stencil/paper)




city of earth (aquarell/paper)



virtual menu for textures (vr-cave)



chilli in darkness (installation)


plasticine caracter (plasticine)


winston eagle emblem (pur/messing/chrome-plated)



3 Responses to “artwork”

  1. david said

    wow i really love your eagles. they are fucking awesome.i’m trying to use illustrator to make a face plate. do you have any files i could use to make my own custom one? i’d love to have any tips and tricks. please email me.

  2. Clint said

    I have been searching for a logo for my small motorcycle repair shop when I came across your “red fist of revolution (stencil/paper)”.
    I would like to purchase the rights to it if it is for sale. let me know
    -Revolution Moto

  3. Drew said

    Hey if that guy didn’t purchase the red fist can i use it on my youtube channel? :D

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