After almost a year of blogging here, we move to a new wordpress blog on our own server. You can reach the brand new website and our new “customizing 2.0 lab” just a click away. We plan a lot different online-activities so we had to say goodbye to the wonderful service of wordpress as a hosted environment. So we welcomed the world of hacking around in the WP-Source-Code and enjoy now the ability to install all kinds of different plugins. We want mashups and apis to spread over works over the net to your homes! Stay tuned on the technical front…

But we have also something more to announce – ahh its so awesome! Gentlemen cock your pistols and get a trip to a the “Treasure Island“!

Bye bye old blog!

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limited series “bloody splatter” – only 200 pieces!

bloody splatter pack2

happy new jear, it’s time for some bloody new stuff!!! :)  this gadget is ready for shipping: get now the bloody 3D-Sticker for more fancy color&shape in your life. pop’em on boring cases, powerbooks, ice boxes wherever you want and show your bloody side!

bloody splatter in action bloody splatter in action bloody splatter in action

read more about the developing process of this piece

massivecut is in its infancy and we give our best to offer you quality swiss handmade products. one of the especially goals of massivecut is the curiosity to discover new surfaces and shells with our designs, things like the daily mousy hardware who surounds us. we want to give‘em a new look&feel, more style, colorfull and with a complet new surface – real three-dimensional.
each piece is diffrent from another and unique. they are detailed sculpted, molded and painted by hand. all artwork will be only available in very small and limited series.

questions & orders for a limited handcrafted “bloody splatter” to:

wanna get your own – “bloody splatter” – 3D-Sticker:

1 piece @ $ 14 + shipping costs (europe: $2.80 / all the world: $3.80)

  • • this design is limited to 200 pieces worldwide
  • • swiss handcrafted, molded in plastic by massivecut
  • • the diameter is 4½” tall
  • • each piece is numbered with certificate
  • • doublesided scotch tape is attached on its backside
  • • the bloody splatter is carfully packed + safely sealed

welcome in a massive new year 07

moon magnet star magnet

moon & star magnets: some tiny xmas gifts for my grandmother&father. for my girlfriend i did sculpt a moony, snowy winter scenario in a small chest for a silverring and another for a necklace (pictures following).

vacuum tank

December 18, 2006

i have build me my own, small vacuum tank :) nothing spectacular but essential to get better moulds and castings. i’ve cut me a strong, cylindric container witch is transparent and hermetric closed. next i fited a top cover where is the intake access for the pump. now i can finnaly force (nearly) all the air bubbles out of the silikon & cast resin! jipee less silly bubbles!!! blub,blub,blub…back off! :)

 faceplate bone yard
faceplate graveyard





i dont know how this guy sneaked into my mind, but that’s a first try to sculpt something
with super sculpey… great stuff! i really like the quality of this plasticine and the fact
you can work constructive after baken the basic proportions. my buddy is’t perfectly detailed
down to a smoth&plain surface, but i think he has a nice tail and superb beer belly :)

fat squirrel fat squirrel fat squirrel fat squirrel fat squirrel

fat squirrel

who will win?…

November 21, 2006

 who will win the nextgen console war ?




faceplate production

Hi there; it’s 2 in the night and André and Pepe started hours ago
with the production of the caribbiean series. I joined them to give
feedbacks and entertain them during the long night. So what’s this
all about?
Art on game consoles, art on xbox 360. Its about giving the cold skin of
the xbox a new look and feeling. We try to transport the worlds of
our favorit games to the living rooms. So we decided to design and
produce handmade 3D-XBox 360 Faceplates.
All series will be limited to a number of pieces. We start with our
“treasure island” series! All plates are handmade and handpainted
and every one has a unique look. So you like to have a special
artwork for your xbox-case? we’ll post soon the first pictures
of the finished treasure islands…

faceplate production faceplate production

see the finished faceplates now on and get one on etsy

the most time here i have snap up all the super sculpey in whole seattle, so don’t try to get that stuff till the artist shops get the next shipment ;) this clay isn’t available in switzerland (in fact it is, but for trice the price!!) and i hope they let me go through the airport customs and don’t take me for a terrorist with a bag full of plastic high explosives! i also found some sculpting tools and some dental tools in a army shop whitch i could grind in good shapes :) so i can’t wait to get back home and start a new design…but this has to wait another week, because i’m only a few hours in zurich and then go straight to belgium.

so this is my last night in seattle and i think i saw the most things that you should have on a sightseeing tour in downtown. i had a map, but i never looked a it and allways walked with no plan in my mind around…i think it was the most fun. an exciting bulding was the libary by Rem Koolhaas: what a huge and spacy thing! i really liked the wide proportions, the colorfull enviroment and there are still discreet places for study. good work!

downtown seattle

October 10, 2006

seattle_downtown02.jpg seattle_downtown03.jpg seattle_downtown05.jpg koolhaas_libary01.jpg koolhaas_libary05.jpg koolhaas_libary04.jpg koolhaas_libary03.jpg koolhaas_libary02.jpg seattle_downtown01.jpg seattle_downtown07.jpg seattle_downtown08.jpg seattle_spaceneedle02.jpg seattle_spaceneedle03.jpg seattle_spaceneedle01.jpg

finally i had the chance to meet J Allard the “brain” of microsoft for lunch and talk with him one to one. first i have to say he is really a nice and smart guy and he had time for all my questions…in fact he asked me more stuff then i did :) so we were talking first about how tricky it is to order lunch in a country you don’t know the words for choosing your sandwich ingredients, about his house witch he decided to renovate very colorfull and what i should see in seattle (like the libary builded by REM Koolhas, witch is anyway an obligation for me as architectur model maker & scenographical designer).

after the smalltalk part we get more to the core… :) :) :) Read the rest of this entry »

i started the day with a tour on microsofts “futur home”. it was really interessting and fancy, but also a bit scarry to see all the things taged by RFID and we as totally addicted peoples to our cellphones ( for my taste some of the ideas were a bit too much bigbrother…). back on work, i tried to do two illustrator templates of yesterdays sketches. the evening we spend some time in downtown seattle for exellent shushi and checked out the first thursday of months artwalk and see what kind of new stuff the galleries have to show…